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Gown cleaning and maintenance

Gown cleaning and maintenance, navy blue dresses
Matters needing attention:
1, if the fear of material due to the high temperature deformation, can be placed in dress ironing before a thin clothes as interlayer.
2, the temperature can not be too high. Direct temperature not higher than 70 degrees.
3, conditional recommended the use of steam hanging ironing machine.
Wedding dress touched let us remember, perhaps is what we would like to treasure clear memory, because it is within reach. After the wedding gown dress may be idle, carefully you want to dress how cleaning and how to maintain? Dress maintenance and other precious clothing is different, as long as each link is carefully note, any time from dress, you can once again at the time of the wedding of happiness and hope!
Collation and collection:
Dress clean, dry thoroughly, can be stowed away, to be stored in a cool dry place, such as a closet or clothing storage box. Don 't hang, after a considerable period of time, dress generates vertical force to the elongated even torn dress. Dress in big hoop skirt collection up can be reversed, but annual Fanshai clothing, to hoop skirt restitution, so as not to lose their elasticity. Pay attention to collection dress must wash their hands before, avoid glue cosmetics, or a long period of time there will be a small yellow spot on the dress.
When finishing dress should also be careful of sequins, steam or heat applied should test its thermal sensitivity. If you can, take a sequined steam try. Note the sequin curl or discoloration, while in hanging beads and sequins on ironing. Ironing should note dress fabrics, know the ironing fabric required temperature.

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Dress through after washing, as soon as possible. Residual stains for too long, will cause unnecessary cleaning difficulties. After a period of time, aging, fade stains, resulting in degradation and wear ceremonial dress cloth. Food stains will cause fade and attracts insects, drink in the sugar will be done after Brown, difficult to remove, sweat will make dress yellow, to make the cloth degradation and damage.
Cleaning mode
Wet cleaning:
1 if the dress stained with wine or champagne, should immediately in dress pad towel, use white vinegar or detergent scrub, and absorbent paper dry so as not to leave a mark.
2 wet cleaning is critical, because the dress on the small decoration, such as beaded trim, not dry chemical erosion, the best method is to dress in mixed with mild, neutral detergent water, soak for a while, it can wash away the banquet of wine, meat and oil stain for a while, bubbly, even invisible stains, such as perspiration stains can also remove liquor. Must not use the washing machine and dehydration, otherwise it will cause the shedding of ornament.
Dry cleaning:
1 some dress needs dry cleaning, especially silk, acetic acid fiber, rayon and wool materials. Be sure to use filtered solvent washing, specifically stains type and location, otherwise there will be residual.
2 some cleaning chamber suggested using a special cleaning method, in fact unnecessary and expensive, so be sure to choose a reputable guarantee the cleaning business. After cleaning to open the package to check.
Dry by airing.
Dress after washing to dry thoroughly, must not be in the sun, after exposure of the dress will become brittle, skirt, beads, decorative flowers fall off easily.
Gown cleaning please pay attention to the following points:
1, wash before decoration, whether the glue on the clothes, and if so, when washing should be careful, do not energetically knead and brushing, washing can remove as much as possible to remove.
2, cleaning before please check the beads are loose, avoid washing after the beads have been shedding.
3, chest, back neck with or without wearing dirty, because chest there comparatively attach on his chest, so easy to dirty; shoulder may have cosmetics, lipstick; front office has no lipstick, soup, wine stains; skirt with no candle oil, grease or vegetable soup; skirt hem is mopping the floor against dirt dirty mark
In 4, when cleaning to dress the wrong side out.
5, try to choose the neutral ( soft) cleaning agent.

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Dress design 2

Romantic: when it comes to marry you will immediately think of the word " Romance ", how to dress to create natural and romantic style? Openwork lace, embroidered with small floral transparent fold, multi-level loose skirt, trolling long veil ... It is the perfect embodiment of the romantic style dress, suitable for the humanities thick atmosphere, son.
Elegant School: This is the most popular ladies dress up, as long as the beam on the high hair, coupled with a simple classic Yougu dress material such as lace, embroidery, Dingzhu, coupled with the long classical veil, will present the most perfect, the most elegant lady woman.
Gorgeous Pie: undeniable, ornate style always makes people shine at the moment, but in the present gorgeous even more than the nobleness, so pay attention to the collocation is the basic principle of gorgeous style. Complex hand-sewn add layers stacked dream skirt, the French court dress, the lady family gorgeous atmosphere performance list.
Minimalist: minimalist lines often can best express a wearer's characteristics, how to use simple lines to emphasize their own advantages, is a knowledge of the minimalist. Excellent cut and high-grade fabric is minimalist forte, it can very well reflect dress grade and quality, the lady in the crowd for talent showing itself, independent of the character of lady child.
Dress design, dresses club

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Dress custom-made eight Wai

Weight: net weight.
Bust: week amount of over the level of the highest point of the chest.
Hips: Alice had hip parts, one week with a soft tape measure level measurement.
Shoes: wear a wedding day, wearing dress shoes. The amount of the vertical height of the heel with the ground.
Neck Circumference: measurement of neck week with a soft tape measure level.
Full Shoulder: shoulder around shoulder the week with a soft tape measure level measurement.
Dress custom-made eight Wai, dresses for party

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one shoulder cocktail dress, junior dresses for homecoming
Height: Net height that's height without shoes.
Waist: waist recess, with a soft measuring tape level measurement week.

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From the face figure to pick dress

Judging from the waist
Waist : of course to use prominent waist dress show.
Thick waist: avoid using emphasize the waist design dress, with emphasis on upper body design and rich skirt dress will focus from the waist.
Waist length: should adopt the high waist skirt above the waistline, lest appear short legs.
Waist: Selected short cut or a fishtail skirt, low waist, balancing body short feet long.
From the hip to see
Busty type: not suitable for personal, suitable for large skirt, waist decorated dresses. In addition, the upper body complicated decoration can also be transferred to the attention.
Look from the leg
If not for his leg type special self-confidence, or a choice of dress. Radish legs, bandy legs to avoid too direct, too form-fitting cut.
From the face figure to pick dress, plus dresses
From the point of the shoulder
Shoulder width: V collar or harness the best, most taboo sleeve has the complicated design, will only make the shoulder more cross, and overall coordination.
The shoulder is too narrow : a wide shoulder strap, puff sleeve can increase the shoulder width design, lower hemlines do not hold too open.
From the neck to see
Long neck: a balance.
Short neck: Strapless best, or V.
Judging from the arm
Thick arm: for Strapless or horn sleeve, or in the arm with a bow.
Thin arm : best long sleeve dress, sleeveless must wear long gloves and accessories.

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long sequin dress, evening long dresses
Judging from the chest
Ratite : choose a gorgeous neckline design, such as lace, pleated, some bright small ornaments of neckline.
Breast: thoracic V collar, U neck, shoulder or shoulder fine type, and select the straight or A word skirt.
From the face of view
Face: suitable for V, U such generous collar, avoid too cramped neckline, otherwise the face will appear very abrupt.
Hi: suitable for turtleneck, lotus leaf collar, square collar, design can not be too complicated, clothes have not good.
Square face: especially cannot choose square collar or line angle clear design, only one disaster after another, make a square face is more prominent, and considered, more suitable for collar.
Face: V brought the most appropriate, must not use the collar and the collar.

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Cotton dress wedding new fashion

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Today, many fashion designers have the cotton as they specialize in the object, they the bride design dress for each grade level, the diversity of the design reflects the diversity of the customer, as well as more and more people focus on their own Comfort demand trends. The character trait Today's brides are no longer like a traditional wedding, they prefer to highlight their personality, their own ease of mind from morning to night. That cotton material perhaps just to meet the demand. Take denim, it is a symbol of freshness, purity, across centuries of tradition and pioneering spirit, whether tactile or visual feel with unlimited freedom and individuality. The denim fashion future bride emphasis on individuality and expressiveness of the twenty-first century is in need of such fabrics to reflect their spirit. Chinese bride cheongsam dress is the most fit and cotton material, although silk texture look more noble, but the comfort and flexibility somewhat more fragile. Added new technology materials cotton fabric can be made not only fitting cheongsam can evolve into a Western-style dress, and even sexy mermaid tight fitted. Then with dazzling diamond decoration, between this out of a dark personality and beautiful completely take care of to.
The wedding dress is usually a piece of clothing is the lowest utilization In addition to the exaggerated style, sense of form is emphasized on the wedding, often beautiful brides ignore the texture of the clothes. Admittedly dazzling wedding, but not so comfortable to wear really ignore the feelings of the skin in order to achieve the purpose of shining, this really is the choice can not be reconciled?
Cotton dress wedding new fashion, plus dress
"Cotton" resurgence from the beginning of this century, all human life details are becoming increasingly comfortable and natural pursuit of the most simple cotton clothing material return, even the most luxurious sense of ritual wedding dress designer . Abroad have been a small number of influential designers, and gradually began to cotton texture, beauty, and Wealthy sense With new understanding, and start with the most simple fiber, designed for the new generation of brides gorgeous dress. For Chinese people, the cotton is familiar, but, Although more girls are willing to follow the example of the Western-style wedding, but comfortable for the Chinese bride is the most important. In fact, this direction is precisely to meet the trend of regression of the concept, because in 1796, Josephine De Boya is wearing a full waist cotton dress to marry the great Napoleon Bonaparte. In the sixties and seventies of the last century when cotton fabric has also become the material of choice for hippies and wealthy family of the bride.
How to choose the date of marriage? The wedding is the most shining moment of all the girls look forward to, crystal jewelry, bright smile, natural and ultimately gorgeous clothes matched. It is because this beautiful mind and brides are beginning to favor Wealthy white tone dress sense. So, somewhat light-colored fabrics, such as silk, crepe and even synthetic silk material became the choice of most people.

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